Debit Card and ATM

Free Check and Debit ATM cards!

Use it to make cash withdrawals, deposits, transfers and balance inquiries on both your savings and checking account at any ATM where you see the VISA logo.At the same time, the VISA Check Card also works like a plastic check.  Purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account.  The VISA Check Card is accepted by any merchant displaying the VISA Debit logo.



Get Cash Back When Making a Purchase

1.  Swipe your VISA check card at the reader (POS terminal) and select DEBIT.

2.  Enter your PIN

3.  Enter the amount of cash back that you want.

4.  The screen will itemize the amount of the purchase and the amount of cash back and will prompt for your approval.

5.  The sales clerk will see your request on his/her screen and pay out cash from register.

Over 30,000 Free ATMs Nationwide on the Co-Op Network

Avoid ATM fees by using over 30,000 Co-Op Network ATMs in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The new EMV chip cards will be issued upon expiration of your current Star Tech debit card.  Watch this video!