Switch kits

Switch to Star Tech FCU today

Our Switch Guide contains all you need to close your account elsewhere, establish direct deposit with us and update any automatic transactions.


Open a STFCU Savings and Checking Account:

Apply online with our Membership Application and download our Checking Account Agreement.  Fill them out and return with a minimum opening deposit of $5 for your savings account.  Include a copy of your driver’s license along with a second ID such as a passport, social security card, birth certificate, employer-issued ID or student-issued ID with photo.


Close Your Bank Checking Account:

Be sure to leave your old account active long enough to allow outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear and leave enough money in place to cover these transactions (this may take several weeks).  Once you’re sure that your old accounts are inactive, you can ask your previous financial institution to send you the balance from that account.  Remember to destroy your old checks, ATM/debit card and deposit slips.


Transition Your Automatic Transactions:

Use the Direct Deposit Authorization form to set up deposit of payroll or Social Security and pension checks directly to your STFCU Account. To set up automatic payments from your STFCU checking account you will need to either a) sign up for our free Bill Pay or b) provide anyone who makes automatic withdrawals from your old account, such as your mortgage company, insurance providers, utilities, etc. with your new STFCU account number and our routing and transit number.  Some merchants may allow you to update your automatic withdrawals online through the merchant’s website, but some merchants require a phone call or written notice.


STFCU’s routing and transit number:  302075351

To find the routing number and account number for your old account,

look at the bottom of your checks:



Remember to:

  • Be sure to check your account at your previous financial institution to verify that the transfers are complete.
  • Keep enough funds in your former account to cover any outstanding checks or withdrawals.
  • Once your last check and/or withdrawal has cleared, you are ready to close your former account and make STFCU your home for all your financial needs.